Monday, June 15, 2015

Like your favorite song...

It's pretty darn exciting to be typing an entry in this blog for the first time in almost exactly seven years! And it's even more thrilling to be doing so for the purpose of announcing that 75% of The Central Standards will reunite on Saturday, July 18 at the Delta Blues Winery in Lakeland, Tenn. We are sad that Marty won't be able to join us (he and his family are preparing for a big move), but so pleased to have Memphis great "D-Twom" Twombly fill in on the drum kit.

We'll kick things off at 3 p.m. or so with a set celebrating the release of T-Ho's ridiculously awesome new record "Sputnik" and then launch into a couple dozen Standards' standards. Should be a great, family-friendly day in a beautiful setting...we sure hope you'll join us! Here are a couple of other pages to keep an eye on in the month or so ahead:
See you soon!