Friday, April 28, 2006

Marty Casey and Lovehammers?

Since our last blog (it's been awhile, I know!), there's been some confusion surrounding our Music Fest appearance. Some folks have been concerned/alarmed/outraged at the fact that our faithful drummer and bass player apparently staged a coup and changed the name of the band to the aforementioned MARTY CASEY AND LOVEHAMMERS. Ted and I were shocked, too, as Marty and Casey certainly don't seem like the type to do something like this, let alone come up with a ridiculous name like Lovehammers. I guess "fame" does weird things to people.

Well, after doing some research, we learned that Marty Casey was actually one of the finalists on "Rock Star: INXS". His new band will be playing a set at Music Fest, too.

So, alas, THE CENTRAL STANDARDS are alive and well, and will perform a 30-minute set at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5th on the Budweiser (north) stage as part of Memphis in May's Beale Street Music Festival. We are the very first act to perform. In fact, even though there are four stages at the festival, we will be the lone performers at that time. So, if we see you anywhere but front and center at the Budweiser stage clamoring for more homegrown folk-rock, we may be a bit disappointed. Unless, of course, you're jockeying for position front and center at the AutoZone stage for Marty Casey's 6 p.m. show.

See ya there--thanks again for your support in helping us make the most of this opportunity!!

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Down by the Riverside

We did it! For the first time ever, none of us will be buying a ticket to the Friday night Beale Street Music Festival event...but we WILL be there! On Saturday, we won Rock 103's "Great Unsigned" local music competition and earned a spot performing on the same bill as legendary artists B.B. King and Big Star; notable pop acts like Train, Jason Mraz and Bryan Adams; and Memphis' own Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia. We're slated to perform at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, May 5.
Thanks again to our dear friend and producer Posey Hedges (pictured above) who did an incredible job filling in for us on rhythm guitar. He learned how to play the songs in about an hour! Speaking of's what was included in the winning set:
Undoubtedly, our strong crowd response had an impact on the judges. Thanks to the many friends, family and fans who were there to support us and all of you who voted on-line to help get us there. We absolutely could not have done it without you. It was a great day. So, go ahead and pick up those Music Fest tix--we'll see you there!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bringing the ROCK (103)

Jeff and Ted "bookend" the afternoon crew at Rock 103--from left to right, Dennis, Ric and Luca. We appeared live on Thursday's show, promoting our appearance at this Saturday's Overton Square Crawfish Festival.

Just a reminder...The Central Standards will be performing live at the Overton Square Crawfish Festival this Saturday, April 8th. Besides playing a fun (and free!) outdoor gig at a cool festival, we are also competing in the finals of the Rock 103 "Great Unsigned" Local Music Competition against two other bands. We sincerely hope you'll come out and support us as we compete for a coveted slot at the Memphis in May Beale Street Music Fest!

We will be the first of the three bands to play, and we're slotted to start at 1:30. The festival will be held in the parking lot behind the Bayou Bar & Grill in Overton Square. Please be there early, and then stick around for a full afternoon of music and crawfish! Bring friends and family!

If you haven't heard, Jeff injured his "guitar fingering" hand recently in a yardwork accident, so his rhythm guitar parts will be played by the producer of our two studio albums and official "5th Standard" Posey Hedges. We know you will make Posey feel welcome as well. He rocks.