Wednesday, November 07, 2007


THE CENTRAL STANDARDS' FOLLY (2007) is the third full-length release from Memphis-based folk-rock quartet The Central Standards. Produced by Ted Horrell and engineered primarily by Kenny Jones, the album was recorded between November 2006 and September 2007 at Sun Studio, Cotton Ridge Recording and Memphis Independent. All songs were written by Jeff Capps and Ted Horrell and performed by The Central Standards with special guests Kenny Jones, Lannie McMillan and James Stewart. THE CENTRAL STANDARDS' FOLLY will be released, in Memphis-area independent record stores and at, in December 2007. This is the album's official track listing:
1) Damaged Dollar
2) Great Big Cosmic
3) My Friends Too
4) Hollow Moon
5) Annie
6) Thank You, Herman Mankiewicz
7) Skyliner
8) It Takes So Few
9) Heavyweight
10) Back from Little Rock
11) Strike
12) Lemon
13) Molly Mosaic
14) Endless Green and Blue

The Central Standards' first two CDs are available for purchase on-line, via CD Baby and various digital download outlets.
REFRAIN (2003)

THE CENTRAL STANDARDS' FOLLY will first be available at a special CD release party on Saturday, December 1 in Memphis. For more information, please e-mail This will be the band's only public performance of the new material in 2007.