Thursday, November 16, 2006

Let's Make a Record!

At long last, we have returned to the studio to commence work on our third album! As discussed on this page previously, we have been talking with engineers/producers at various studios around town and plan to make this record in several different locations. I'm pleased to report that our first session was a great success!

Round one happened last Saturday at Memphis Independent in the shadow of the long abandoned Crosstown Sears building (one of my absolute favorite Memphis landmarks). Two of our oldest new songs, "Back from Little Rock" and "Heavyweight", were on the agenda. Our plan was to do those tunes from start to finish--recording basic tracks, doing minimal overdubs and mixing them both. With the exception of some minor revisions on the mixes that are left to do, we accomplished this great feat. Yeah!!

We were able to play the songs live together in the studio, which always makes us happy, as it cuts down on the need for lots of overdubs and more faithfully captures the band dynamic on tape. Both tunes had similar instrumentation, so it made the transition from one song to the next relatively seamless. We had a great experience working with our new friend, Brian Knight. Keep an ear out on myspace for some rough mixes of the new tunes. Here are some photos from the session!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bockman at Newby's!

As you all know, we usually reserve this space for shameless self promotion, but today, I want to promote one of the hardest-working and most talented regional bands around.

Columbia, Missouri's Bockman will be appearing live at Newby's on Friday 11/10 with the band Shady Deal. We did a show with Bockman in St. Louis last Labor Day, and bassist/vocalist Wil Reeves played in my college band 10shy (1996-98). (If you've gotta have some vintage Capps/Reeves, just let me know, as there are still plenty of 10shy CDs floating around!)

In the meantime, come check out Wil's sharp songwriting skills and masterful command of the bass guitar in person. The Standards will be representing. Don't miss it! Have a great weekend!!