Thursday, June 22, 2006

On Target

What a slacker this blogmaster has become! Access to the digital camera with these photos has been limited, so that's this week's excuse. That's a lame excuse, says blogmaster's wife. Oh well, here goes...

We had a great time last Wednesday at St. Jude's Target House II in Midtown Memphis. We played music for some St. Jude patients and their families. These are wonderful folks, the facility is amazing, and we had a terrific time. We were joined in the living room by Kirk and Brian, our new friends from local rock band Organ Thief. They're great.

After getting settled, both bands eased into things with acoustic versions of full out rock songs. It was fun enough, but the real "show" started when folks started requesting Beatles songs and other oldies. Luckily, Brian is a "Beatles jukebox" (according to his bandmate Kirk). No joke--he really is. Couple that with Ted's formidable Beatles knowledge, and we were set. Brian's Spanish skills are also excellent, so "we" pulled off a pretty good version of "La Bamba" too.

There was a lot of joy in the room. I wish I could share more pictures with you, but in the interest of protecting the families' privacy, we were asked not to. The guys in Organ Thief brought along a box of various percussive instruments, which went over great. In fact, one kid was playing maracas, tambourine and triangle all at once--and he was right on the rhythm! What a blast.

One of our favorites was a very young gal who requested "My Girl". Ted came up with a more than adequate version in mere seconds, and the rest of us played and sang along. She sang, too. We ended up playing the tune twice.

So, it was a great night. We felt privileged to have the chance to do it. Thanks again to Organ Thief and our friends at Vexar Entertainment who are making all of this happen. What an admirable way to channel their time and resources. Great job, fellas!


At 9:51 AM , Anonymous Dave T. said...

Thanks especially for this post. The Standards definitely show the rest of us how to go about being in a band for all the right reasons. Continued good luck to you guys, and Bravo!


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